Family / Student Communication

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5 Easy Steps to Handling Parent Teacher Conferences

Positive Parent Contact

Sample Family / Parent Welcome Letter


Sample Family / Parent Welcome Letter


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Put the F** Word Back into Teaching and Get Noticed

How are You Doing as a Teacher?  Get the Feedback You Need to Become a Better Teacher.

Lose the Teacher Desk

Positive Parent Contact

Characteristics of Effective Direct Vocabulary Instruction

Great Idea for Elementary Teachers –

Don’t Over Commit During your Student Teaching

Integrating Leadership into the Classroom

Greeting Students at the Door

Organizational Tips for Teachers #3 – Develop an Effective Filing System

Differentiate Yourself through Education

Teaching Academic Vocabulary

Build Your Teacher Studies Around a Central Theme

Organizational Tips for Teachers #2 – Keep an Inbox

Organizational Tips from a Middle School Teacher

Leave the Teacher Bag Behind

Fund ($$$) Your Classroom and Student Projects

Cornell Notes

Plague and Pestilence

Gain Insight About Your Students Through a Student Survey

Advice on Student Teaching in Middle School

Ice Breaker Websites

Quick Ideas of What to Do in the First Week of School

Ten Ideas for a Successful Start to Student Teaching

First Day of Student Teaching

Do Your Homework Before Student Teaching


Road to Teaching: A Guide to Teacher Training, Student Teaching, and Finding a Job


Sample Student Survey

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New and Exciting

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New Ways to Connect with Students

Make a Smart Board with a Wii Remote

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Philosophy Statement

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Teacher Interview Question – What is your educational philosophy?

Topics for Philosophy Statement

Philosophy Statement for Student Teachers

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Stress Management / Life

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Lesson Planning Affects my Mood?


Teacher Certification

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Teacher Certification for all 50 States

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Teacher Interview / Job Search

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Teacher Hiring is Frozen in Some Districts

Spiff up the Teacher Resume

Administrators Turn to Behavior-Based Interview Questions

Differentiate Yourself through Education

Is There a Teacher Shortage?

Is There a Teacher Shortage? Part II

100+ Teacher Interview Questions

Improve your Job Opportunities

I don’t have a job yet, should I start freaking out?

Teacher Interview Questions Continues to Grow!

Teacher Interview Follow-up Call

Make the Ask

Take Control of the Teacher Interview

Preparation for a Teacher Interview


Road to Teaching: A Guide to Teacher Training, Student Teaching, and Finding a Job


Teacher Candidate Sample Interview Questions PDF


Teacher Interview Questions

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Teacher preparation, student teaching, and finding a job can be daunting.  I’ve created two resources to support aspiring teachers.  The first is this website and the second is my book, Road to Teaching: A Guide to Teacher Training, Student Teaching, and Finding a Job.  Learn how to differentiate yourself through your coursework, create a positive relationship with your cooperating (master) teacher, establish effective classroom management, perform well in your interview, and much more.



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