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In recent weeks the number of visitors and their emails have been flowing in.  Mostly these are aspiring teachers and job seekers, preparing for an interview or looking for strategies to land a teacher job.  Of course, the teacher interview page, receiving over 200 daily visits alone, and the numerous blog posts are a big hit.

Good news! To further help, I have lowered the price of the e-version of Road to Teaching: A Guide to Teacher Training, Student Teaching, and Finding a Job to $5.49 .  This is a fantastic resource for any job seeker looking for a teacher job, especially in light of the tough job market.  This price reduction is 27% off the original e-version and 61% off the print version.

This offer will only last until end of April.  I hope you will use this book and Road to Teaching’s online resources to help in landing your perfect teacher job.

Good luck on the job search!!!!



we-need-youWe need you!  Try your hand at answering any of the teacher interview questionsWe will then post your answer by linking it to the teacher interview question you choose.

Everyday hundreds of pre-service teachers and other job seekers visit Road to Teaching’s Teacher Interview Question page – the largest collection of teacher interview questions on the web.  This is a free resource, maintained by a teacher.  So, with your help we could turn this to the web’s largest collection of teacher interview questions with ANSWERS!

Feel free to email your question and answer to eric [at] roadtoteaching [dot] com.  Alternatively, you can simply leave a comment to this post or comment on the teacher interview question page.  We will extract your Q&A and make the link.

Please help us expand the usefulness of Road to Teaching.

Assessment is a powerful tool to improve student achievement.  Rather than treat assessment as an end result, teachers should incorporate assessments as part of the learning process, allowing both teacher and student to monitor progress and evaluate news ways to improve.   A teacher can accomplish this by
1.       Clearly defining the learning target/objective
2.       Showing student work
3.       Delivery pre-assessments to understand students’ prior knowledge and to create a baseline
4.       Continually assess students’ progress and providing effective feedback on how to improve.
5.       Teach students to self-assess and reflect on their quality of work and achievement of targeted objective.
If time permits provide an example of how you used assessment as part of the learning process.

I updated the Teacher Candidate Sample Interview Questions PDF to include over 100 questions.  Feel free to forward this PDF to any teacher preparing for an interview.

For even more sample teacher interview questions, visit our Teacher Interview Questions page.  There are close to 200 teacher interview questions.

For additional strategies, relating to finding a teacher job, then check out the book  Road to Teaching: A Guide to Teacher Training, Student Teaching, and Finding a Job.  You can purchase a print version or the e-book version.

E-book version – $8.99 (

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