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I was asked by a student teacher what books should she read to help shape her as a teacher.  She said it can range from inspirational to instructional-based.  I answered her, but I thought it would be better if I turned this question to this community.

What is your ALL-TIME favorite (teacher/education) book?  What type of impact did it have on you?

Leave your comment here or post it to the Road to Teaching reading group with Shelfari.  On Shelfari, you can share, recommend, and critique the latest books you are reading.  Click here to join; it’s free.

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Just launched!  Road to Teaching has a reading group with Shelfari.  Join in.  Share, recommend, and critique the latest books you are reading.  Click on the picture to link to the reading group or click here.  Be the first to share a book we should read!

A total of nine new books were added to the Teacher Recommended Books page.  These books were recommended via email by student teachers and experienced teachers.

One resource that I thought was beneficial was the ASCD SmartBrief.  It’s a free service that ” brings you the K-12 education news that really matters. (ASCD) editors handpick key articles from hundreds of publications, do a brief summary of each and provide links back to the original sources.”

Do you have a book you want to share?  Email us your book recommendations at