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For Christmas my wife bought me a Netflix Roku.  It’ an amazing piece of technology. While I was on my holiday break I put it to good use and what a great stress reliever.  I was able to watch a ton of movies (in high-quality) on-demand.

Here’s how it basically works.  First you sign-up for the Neflix service and buy the Roku device (roughly $100).  You get the movie DVDs in the mail, but now with Roku you can watch UNLIMITED “Instant Watch” movies.  These “instant watch” movies comprise of about a quarter of my movies in queue.  With the Roku, you connect it to your TV and stream the videos directly to your tele.  It’s great quality, and I am even streaming this over our wireless network.  Set-up took less than 5 minutes – super easy.  We also have a HDTV which is great because Netflix is now offering HDTV movies through Roku.  There is no need to get the 3-DVDs in the mail plan for $15.99.  We are going to change plans, dropping down to the 1-DVD in the mail plus unlimited “instant watch” movies, saving around $85 a year.  This almost pays for the Roku itself, plus we get our most of our movies on-demand.

What’s a better way then to beat stress, but watching a great movie when you want?


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