Thanks for visiting Road to Teaching.com, a free website for future teachers.  This website focuses on teacher training, student teaching, and finding a job.  Below you will find some free download-able resources for your students and ideas on how to incorporate this wonderful resource into your curriculum or education program.

Road to Teaching is dedicated to supporting aspiring teachers through a daily education blog, the web’s largest collection of teacher interview questions, education resources, advice on student teacher topics, and much more!

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Free Resources:

 100 Teacher Candidate Sample Interview Questions from Road to Teaching Website

 Road to Teaching Flyer

Get Involved

  1. Post to the daily education blog (1-5 times or once a week/month), reflecting on their experience, asking questions, and seeking advice.  Some professors also require their students to post comments to colleagues’ posts.
  2. Read a topic of interest (on Student Teacher Topics), and write a research paper relating to their topic.
  3. Write a book review.  We will then post their books and reviews on the Educator Books page.
  4. Play a job interview preparation game.  Using the Teacher Interview Page, education professors group interview questions by category (e.g. classroom management), assign point values to the questions, and then quiz their students on the various questions. Education professor then provides feedback on the students’ responses.
  5. Submit education articles to be posted on Road to Teaching’s website.  Click Author Guidelines to get more information.
Please email Eric (eric@road2teaching.com) if you have any questions.

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Benefits from Integrating Road to Teaching into your Classroom

Encouraging your students to visit/participate in Road to Teaching:
Creates another Professional Community for Student Teachers
“A positive sense of community among families, teachers, and students has long been held by education researchers to be one of the most important indicators and aspects of successful schools”
Ingersoll, Richard, Teacher Turnover and Teacher Shortages: An Organizational Analysis, American Education Research Journal, Fall 2001, Vol. 38, No. 3, pp 499-534.
Gain Access to Experienced Teacher Advice and Resources
“New data confirm that there are large differences in plans to stay in teaching among first year teachers who felt well-prepared and those who felt poorly prepared in the key tasks of teaching when they entered the classroom. For example, nearly two-thirds of those who felt well-prepared to design lessons, use a range of instructional methods, and assess students said they plan to stay in teaching as long as possible, while little over a third of those who felt poorly prepared in these areas said they are committed to staying.”

1993-94 SASS and the 1994-95 TFS show that there are significant correlations between plans to stay or leave and actual retention / attrition in teaching (Luczak).


What Student Teachers say about Road to Teaching

“I think you’ve got a wonderful blog, and I just want to compliment on how amazing you are for posting helpful hints and suggestions for young educators entering the field of teaching out there. Please keep up the amazing work. Now that I’ve discovered your site, I would like to keep in touch with you and help spread the word about it among my friends. Thanks again for everything you’re doing!” – S. A.
“Thanks, and keep up the good work! It’s a great website and resource.” – E. West
“I’m a preservice teacher right now, but I’ll be a student teacher as of September.  This community looks fantastic, and I’d love to be part of it.”  – T. Wicker
“I recently found your site and I have to tell you that it has been very relevant; beneficial for me to read!  I am glad I finally found a site like this since I am a student teacher!!  I just began my second placement and I can tell it’s going to be overwhelming…but I am going to TRY not to get over-involved!!  I have added you to my blogroll…again, great site! Thanks!” – Miss Teacher Casey