I realized I was back in school when I turned on my computer and checked my email.  There it was – 20 some emails for the day.  50% I deleted with a quick click.  25% were informational and I had to read them.  25% required action, and were subsequently flagged for follow-up.  One email asked me to do a head count of every child in my room for every period and email this report back at the end of the day.  Another email requested I develop a course proposal within 3 days.  A third email was a colleague requesting a meeting.  A fourth was a teacher from another district asking for certain information.  A fifth email was from a student inquiring if I had read the club minutes.

It wasn’t the sound of students, the ringing of bells, or the smell of markers that reminded me school.  Rather, it was the sight of emails that made me feel like school was underway.  What’s wrong with this?