Some Ideas New Teachers Will Want to Take to Heart

As a new teacher it can seem intimidating to find that you are at the controls of the destinies of so many.  By choosing to shoulder this burden you have undertaken a task that will affect the outcome of the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of individuals over the years.  Don’t let this outlook serve to weigh you down; like anything else there will be a learning curve, and a humble character will allow you to catch mistakes as you make them.

Teaching is thought of by some as an exact science.  But since people learn in so many different ways, finding effective means to reach them all can never be boiled down into a single formula. 

Remain Flexible

As you grow as a teacher, your perspective on many aspects of learning will invariably grow with you.  Remaining flexible means that you are allowing yourself to constantly examine your methods and tailor your approach as you learn on-the-fly.  There is no quicker way to put yourself in a tricky position than to remain rigid in your thoughts and preach them as though they were always going to be law. 

Change is the way of the world, and so it is with education as well.  The difference between standing for something and static decay lies in the humility with which you teach it.  Making sure your students understand that knowledge is always evolving will encourage them to continue learning in the future.

Take Responsibility

There is an aspect of responsibility that goes beyond being the one to blame when things are difficult.  Taking responsibility is a good thing – it alone enables you to make a difference in students’ lives.  Just as sure those who wish their whole life to lose weight, but never take responsibility for what they do with their bodies, will fail, you as a teacher must take responsibility for what you feed hungry young minds to ensure they are lean and physically fit.

Accepting this responsibility empowers you to alter the course of those who may be in peril.  It is a truly challenging task, but one that will reward beyond your greatest dreams when it comes to your effect on the society and humanity of the future.

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