Inspired by so-called inspirational movie star teachers who no longer teach, one of my colleagues suggested we have a Dangerous Minds party at her house where we take a shot every time Michelle Pfeiffer does something unrealistic. It’s a party none of us will remember, so I thought I’d start the conversation more permanently with this quiz.


A quick and easy rubric quiz to help you determine if you are a good teacher. Give yourself four points for each activity completed your first year teaching.
– break up in-class fight on first day
– learn karate, hip-hop dance and/or double-dutch
– speak street language, slang or otherwise (+2 for otherwise)
– visit student homes for impromptu parent-teacher conferences
– harbor abused children in apartment (+2 for each additional sibling)
– work part-time on weekends to pay for special set of SSR books
– abandon confused fiancé (+2 for self-righteous break-up fit)
– teach from video while bedridden with pneumonia

You take students to…
– a buffet (+2 for formal dinner w/ etiquette lesson)
– Charlotte Hornets game (+2 for overnight stay in hotel)
– Other activities that beg the question, ”How will we get them there?”
– Other activities that beg, ”How does this relate to my content area?”
You get students to…
– stand on chairs, walk like ducks, keep journals
– incite rebellion against instructional rules other than your own
If you watch movies, you know the average score for good teachers is 50.