I am not a big fan of flaming the fire with more bad news, but I have to call it as I see it.  This is a horrible time to looking for a job as a teacher, regardless of your speciality/certification. I have been receiving emails from across the country about aspiring teachers having trouble landing jobs. It’s almost everywhere.

The problem is in the uncertainty.  Districts and states are in a holding pattern, waiting to see how budgets will shake out and how the federal stimulus package will impact funding.  By mid-May we should start to see school districts begin moving on hiring.

What do I do then?

I outline three themes in my book to getting your teaching  job:  organize, network, and diversify yourself from other job seekers.  Here are just a few suggestions:


  • Track your network (of persons that may assist in you getting a job) and the frequency of communication you have with them.
  • Schedule your future job seeking opportunities, visiting prospective schools and job fairs.
  • Track your applications statuses to schools/districts.


  • Email friends and make use of network sites, such as LinkedIn to let them know you are looking for a teaching job
  • Attend job fairs and make friendly (not annoying) contact with hiring principals after the event.


  • Volunteer in community organizations and political organizations.  It is no secret that teachers and principals are highly active and visible in community service.  Join and volunteer in various organizations, allow you to develop new skills, freshen up your resume, help others, and expand your network.

Good luck!