Here’s another recent comment about addressing poverty in the classroom!

Previous Post- “Poverty is a big problem! It does affect my students’ ability to learn. There are just some things teachers can’t solve”

I completely 100% disagree with this comment. I am a student teacher and am going through the program now and I believe that there are lots that teachers can do to ENCOURAGE their students. If having the mindset that teacher’s can’t solve some things, this is just an excuse to not give effort. Sure- teachers can’t solve or find an end to poverty, but for the number of student’s in their classroom teachers can do their part to ensure all students are having the opportunity to learn.

Creating an equal level playing field in the classroom is a good way that teachers can help. It is a good likelihood that student’s that are induced in poverty don’t have high self- esteem (this is not always the case) and we as teacher’s can do our part to make everyone equal. With the mind set that poverty affects student’s learning this is not providing the motivation and support they need! Student’s shouldn’t be given special treatment but they should have the same opportunities.

It is shown that fine arts is perhaps one of the best areas for student’s to be equal. Math and science are sometimes more difficult for these students as they may not have time to do homework or recieve help. Fine art is something that all students have a chance at and provides opportunity for everyone. If the teacher is worried about overty affecting the students learning- perhaps you could start a tutoring sesson at lunch and/or after school for ALL students. This way the students that are in poverty have the OPPORTUNITY to recieve help and again, it levels the playing field. Not all children get help at home, and some will most definitely need it.

Teacher’s that are concerned about their students need to go the extra mile to make a difference. If teacher’s want to make a difference then they must do their part to exceed and succeed. Pointing out the benefits and motivating all of their student’s to do the same… go the extra mile! Teacher’s CAN be the ROLE MODEL for these students. Yes, student mentors are great but so are teacher’s themselves because student’s can trust teacher’s and therefor, the teachers can be the role model.

Overall, every student needs to be given an opportunity and motivation and support! Teacher’s can TRY to make a difference! Even if it is to the two or three students in poverty in their classroom. Every little bit of effort helps!!

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