Come Tuesday we will bear witness to a significant event in our lives: the swearing in of the first African-American President.  President-elect Obama represents the best of American ideals and the American dream.  My students, predominately low-income and of color, have been watching this election process with a great deal of interest.  I witnessed some of my “toughest students” get teary eyed when speaking about the election night and what it represented to them.  This has made me reevaluate my lesson plans for Tuesday.  I am going to scrap my original lesson plans in lieu of watching the inauguration on the T.V.  I am now wrestling with how do I create a valuable learning lesson around this event?  Or do I simply relax; the students and I just watch it without any “learning objectives”?  Maybe I will explain what’s happening, answer student questions, and then ask for some type of reflection at the end of the period?   Arrrrr…

What are you doing for Tuesday?  I would love to hear your ideas.