My biggest gripe about teaching is the start time (for high school).  It’s not normal to be getting up at 5AM every day.  Who thought of this?  There is plenty of research out there supporting that a later start time for high school is beneficial, e.g. improving student achievement, self image, skills, etc.  How about research on improving teacher achievement?  Maybe that’s why, partly, student achievement increases in those schools with later start times.  Those teachers are well rested, refreshed, and ready to tackle the day.  How I am jealous of these teachers!

In my sleep-deprived, groggy state I start to think about the early start time.  Policy makers and school leaders talk a lot about school reform, but it’s like moving a mountain to change the school start and end times.  How can we expect real reform when this is nearly an impossible task?  To me, this is representative of the institutional culture of education.  It’s inflexible, grounded (rooted) in an outdated paradigm on how to prepare our students for the future.

On a postive note it’s Friday.  I can catch up some my sleep tomorrow.  Have a good weekend!