Here is another great vocabulary strategy.

We also play a game I created called P.O.S.E.  In this game, students come up with four clues that relate to their words.  The clues may be from one of four categories:  People, Objects, Settings, or Events.  For instance, for the word discern, students used people clues–search and rescue workers, gasline repairman, detectives, and scientists.  To play the game, the students read their clues one at a time.  Students on another team try to guess the word.  The clue-giving team earns points if their clues enable the other team to guess the word.  The word-guessing team earns points based on how quickly they can guess the word–4 points if they can guess with only one clue…1 point if they can guess after all four clues. – Teri

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