The Freyer Model is a graphic organizer – an effective way to teach vocabulary at all grade levels.  My students complete a Freyer Model for every vocabulary word we are learning, showing their understanding both linguistically and non-linguistically.  There are five parts to this graphic organizer.  

In the middle of the graphic organizer, in the circle, students enter their vocabulary word, e.g. cat.  Then, students write the definition of their vocabulary word in the upper left hand box, e.g. a small domesticated carnivore. 

In the upper right hand corner box, students write characteristics that come to mind about this word, e.g. furry, friendly, kittens, etc. 

Students use the vocabulary word in a sentence in the lower left hand box, titled Example, e.g. My grandma breeds many types of cats. 

Finally, students complete the last box, titled Non-Example.  Students draw their representation of the vocabulary word.  This graphic organizer is beneficial because it makes the students think about the vocabulary word in different ways, allowing the teacher to meet also the diverse learning styles in the classroom.


Freyer Model template

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