From visiting student teacher chatrooms and speaking with student teachers, I understand that currently there is a significant challenge to find teaching jobs.  Yet, I also read and hear there is a shortage of teachers.  What does this all mean? 

I see this to mean several things.  Yes, there is a teacher shortage for certain specialized positions.  However, I would also argue that there is no teacher shortage for the broad teaching profession.  Without a doubt there is a high demand and low supply of teachers in certain areas (special education, ELL, math, and science) in high-need (inner city and rural) schools.  If you fall into this category then you are in a much better position then a student teacher endorsed in Social Studies, trying to land a job in the suburbs.  On the other hand, having an endorsement in a high demand area does not mean you lack competition.  Regardless of your endorsement or where you plan to teach, today’s principals are seeking individuals that are flexible, dedicated, and an asset to the school in more than one way.  How do you, as a student teacher, stand out?