Tonight is when we welcome the community to see our school and visit with teachers.  Every year I have mixed feelings.  While I enjoy meeting parents, it makes for a really long day (15 hours to be exact).  I figure this goes with the territory, so there is really no point to complaining.  You just have to make the best of it.

For new teachers and student teachers this will be a new experience.  I remember my first year, and I was definitely nervous.  To reduce the stress surrounding a school open house, here are some tips:

  • Prepare a brief outline of what you are going to say.  Talk about your curriculum, instruction, technology, goals, expectations, and your desire to develop 2-way communication with students’ families
  • Copy off some course documents, e.g. syllabus, course description, etc., for handouts
  • Provide a sign-in sheet, asking student families for their phone numbers and email addresses.  This will come in handy later
  • Be yourself.  Don’t be stiff.  Relax and engage the families in conversation.
  • Drink (water) throughout the event.  You don’t want to get dry mouth while speaking to parents.  It happened to me once, and, wow, I accidently spat on several parents that night.