The school year is definitely underway.  This past Sunday I spent (4-5) hours grading, calling parents, doing misc. paperwork, planning curriculum, and organizing my extra-curricula activities.  If this was a race I would say that I am sprinting.  Looking around and talking with my colleagues I would say they are sprinting as well.  And, why not?  It’s the beginning of the school year and we are energized to do a great job.  Yet, I have learned that we can’t keep this pace up for long.  By November or December teachers begin to burn-out and become sick. 

I have to remind myself to create a steady work pace that I can sustain throughout the year.  This involves being as productive as possible, and well organized, freeing up time for me.  An important part of this is NOT taking home my teacher bags full of school work every day.  Leave it!  The afternoon is yours.  Try to do this at least one day a week.  My other suggestion is to plan something special for that “afternoon off.”  Avoid becoming a zombie in front of the T.V.  Rather, invite friends over for cards, get some exercise, go to the beach, cook a meal for the family, or do something else out of the ordinary.  Make the day yours.  The outcome is you will come away feeling refreshed and at a work pace that is suitable for you.

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