Do you have a writer’s block when it comes to writing your philosophy statement?  Many students teachers are in the process of developing or modifying their education philosophy statement.  It’s truly a process to organize your thoughts/beliefs and communicate that in 1-2 pages.  If you need some framework of what to write about, below are topics you can include in your philosophy statement:

  • your belief system and how your belief system affects the students, e.g. instruction, curriculum, classroom management.
  • description of how you will affect student learning
  • outline of teacher’s role & responsibilities
  • outline of students’ role & responsibilities
  • teaching and learning
  • teaching as a form of activism
  • curriculum (content)
  • relevancy of your teaching
  • addressing students’ needs
  • classroom environment
  • role of assessment
  • resourcefulness, e.g. being flexible, working within a system, using resources wisely
  • research-based pedagogy
  • general approach to student learning, e.g. hands-on, fun, inclusive

While devising your statement, remember to be true to yourself.  Avoid just writing what you think people want to hear, especially by overloading your philosophy statement with buzzwords.

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