10. Arrive early enough to school so that you are ready to go when the day begins. Don’t race the kids out of the building, stay late enough to organize your work area for the next day.

9. Make an effort to get to know the people who make the building run, the secretaries, custodial staff, lunch servers. Greet them and smile. This will not go unnoticed.

8. Get involved in school activities! Offer to chaperone events, help a coach or drama teacher. See your students in another light. This helps you and them to get more comfortable.

7. Be patent with your cooperating teacher, but don’t be afraid to make suggestions. You’re there to teach the students, but your cooperating teacher can learn from you as well. I’ve learned a lot from my student teachers 🙂

6. Contact parents for both good news and bad news. A great way to get parents on your side is to share “good things” about their child’s success in your class.

5. Be firm, but show your human side. Find out what your students enjoy and try to incorporate that into your lessons.

4. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, Own up to it, the kids will respect you.

3. Don’t be too nice. Students “know” when they need correction or adjustments in seating arrangements etc. You’re in charge of the class- so arrange and rearrange them until you have the best learning arrangement for all. They may grumble about it but again, when they succeed, they’ll respect you.

2. When a student starts to “get to you,” try to picture him or her as a “cute adorable baby.” All of them are someone’s “baby” Try to imagine them this way and it will be easier to not to lose your cool. when you have to discipline, make it about the behavior, not the student. When the behavior improves, make sure to comment on the improvement.

1. Teaching is a rewarding and important career. Student teaching is the “home stretch” of many hours of study and hard work. Be confident! Apply and hone your skills! Enjoy your students, be sincere and you will be successful!

-Meg Graham, WI National Board Certified Teacher – World Languages
Author- Ahora Hablo Educator Edition “Simple Steps to Communicate with Spanish-speaking Students” http://www.ahorahablo.com