I completely agree with teachercrispy‘s recent post, regarding not having a job by this time. I didn’t get my first teaching job until three days before school started. I was stressed and it felt the bills were quickly adding up. Leading up to that time, I had applied to several schools with no success.

In response I broadened my job search. Like teachercrispy recommended, I prepared to substitute teach, applying for certification, undergoing background checks, etc. I also broadened my search by geography, considering school districts that were within 40 miles of my house. Then, I searched job ads on craigslist, seeking alternative teaching positions. Another job search strategy is to email your network: family, friends, colleagues, school mates, etc., notifying them that you are currently looking for a teaching position and asking them to keep you in mind if they learn of any open (or soon-to-open) position. Finally, consider putting your job status on social networks, e.g. LinkedIn, to further build your network and improve your chances of landing a job.

Most importantly, keep a positive attitude and don’t quit!