I remember waiting anxiously for that call – the final step in the interview process, notifying of whether you have received the job. The notification usually comes in the form of a phone call, but sometimes it may be a letter. Before you receive that phone call, there are helpful steps you should take to prepare yourself.

Let us first examine the worst scenario. Assume the principal phones you to inform you that you will not be filling the teaching position. While this is a crushing blow, take control of the conversation and learn from it. First, be extremely professional and courteous—you never know when another position may materialize at the same school. Thank the principal for their time, and ask what specifically you could improve on in the interview or on your resume for next time. Many times the principal will be frank and give you fantastic, constructive advice. Remember to listen, and, most importantly, be receptive to what the principal is saying. It is not to your advantage to be defensive. As in the teaching process, you can take this advice, revise your approach a little, and confidently prepare for your next interview.

In the optimistic scenario, let us assume that you land your dream teaching job. Typically, the principal phones you, requesting your references. Take this request as an extremely positive sign. Understand, though, that many principals cannot offer you the job until your reference check is complete. Therefore, it is important to have your references, with primary and alternate contact numbers, with you at all times because you simply do not know when the principal will call. Finally, thank the principal for giving you this opportunity and then, after the phone call, go celebrate—you have earned it!

Good luck!

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