Once your interview is complete, differentiate yourself further by sending out thank-you notes to all the interviewers on that same day. Bring a stack of thank-you notes and several postage stamps with you to your interview. Then, find a place where you feel comfortable to write the thank-you notes, whether that place is your car or a nearby coffee shop. Refer back to the notes you took during the interview and make every effort to personalize each thank-you note. Mention something that will help your interviewer remember you among all the other interviewers. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Address an issue that arose during your interview, especially when the topic favors your qualifications. For instance, your ELL endorsement was discussed as an asset due to the rising number of ELL students in the school.
  2. Overcome objections by responding to an interviewer’s major concern in detail that was not possible during the interview.
  3. Highlight your skills or experiences that qualify you as a strong candidate and will differentiate you from other candidates.

Now relax, all you have to do is drop off the thank-you notes in the mail and wait for the all-important phone call.

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