It’s that time of the year when student teachers are seeking that first teaching position. I can remember it clearly. I moved from IL to WA the summer of my job search, so I had to deal with the stress of applying and interviewing for teaching positions and working out my WA certification. Meanwhile, my bank account kept getting smaller and smaller, as the new school year was fast approaching. June and July were okay for me. I landed a few job interviews, but I didn’t get hired because I either lacked teaching experience or the right type of certification. In the beginning of August I started to worry. What if I don’t a teaching job? I started to broaden out my options: applying for substitute teacher certification, researching private school teaching positions, and, even started considering going back into business – my last ditch option. I kept at it, filling out applications, sending my credential files to what seemed a hundred different places, and writing countless essays. In late August I got a call for a Business Education position – exactly what I had been hoping for. The caller informed me that I had applied for this back in April or May. To be honest I didn’t even remember applying, but I checked my job search log and there it was. Like a crazy man, I prepared myself for the interview. I listed out my qualifications, especially dealing my business background, student teaching successes, etc. I reviewed teacher interview questions. It paid off. I was offered the position a week before school started.

I compiled a list of teacher questions that helped me. Click here for Teacher Candidate Sample Interview Questions. It is likely that you will get a least a few in your teacher interview. GOOD LUCK!

Also, I created a page dedicated to collecting teacher interview questions. Click here to view this page.