Here’s my first draft of the email I was planning to send out to education professors, informing them of this website / blog.  Please comment on what needs to be improved or email me at  Also I have attached the flyer that will accompany the email.

Dear Professor       ,

Finally, there is an on-line community dedicated to pre-service and student teachers.  It’s called Road to Teaching.

What is this about?

Road to Teaching allows aspiring teachers to connect, share, vent, and find support.  Teachers can post and comment on this website/blog anonymously, allowing freedom to ask tough questions and seek honest advice.  Additionally, Road to Teaching offers a growing number of resources: education links, books, strategies, and much more…

Why is this important?

From grappling with learning new education theories to performing well in student teaching, pre-service teachers need to be supported throughout their entire training.  Road to Teaching provides this extra support by:

· Maintaining a list of star contributors (master teachers, administrators, and education professors) ready to respond to student teachers’ queries

· Creating a caring environment where student teachers can reflect on their experiences and receive encouragement

· Allowing aspiring teachers to interact and contribute to our growing list of education resources.

How do I get involved?

You are instrumental in getting the word out and growing Road to Teaching.  You can help your students by either:

1. Encouraging them to visit the website ( and then clicking the Join Us page.

2. Handing out the attached PDF flyer, informing them of Road to Teaching, its benefits, and how they can get involved.

3. Incorporating the website into your curriculum, requiring students to log-in, reflect through blogging, and contribute stories, strategies, and other resources that will benefit the greater teaching community.

4. Becoming a contributor to the website yourself.  The community would benefit from your knowledge, experiences, and unique perspectives on education.  Please email me directly if you are interested in this.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

While I was a pre-service teacher, I was frustrated at the lack of consolidated information and support on the Internet for student teachers.  Now, as a secondary teacher, I have created a website that is student teacher-centered, and hopefully becomes a valuable resource for all student teachers.  To learn more about my background, you can do so by visiting  If you have any questions about Road to Teaching please email me at

Where can I view Road to Teaching?

Please join and grow Road to Teaching’s community at

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you and yours students on-line.