I have a fear.  My fear is student teachers won’t connect with this website; either student teachers will visit my website, but not interact via posting, commenting, etc, or student teachers simply won’t find this site.  To counter this I have been brainstorming with teachers, experienced bloggers, and education professors to find ways to get the message out about Road to Teaching.

The bloggers gave me great advice.  Connect with other education blogs and get the word out.  I pledged to follow through on this.  However, I also want to reach the large population of student teachers that don’t blog.

Another idea that was floated was contacting education professors, explaining briefly the website, the benefits, and ways student teachers can engage.  It is possible the professors may even incorporate this as part of their curriculum. 

Do you think this would work?  Do you have other ideas to reach student teachers?  Perhaps this post is premature because this blog is so new.  On the other hand, I am really excited about this endeavor and I want to get the word out.  I am going to start drafting a letter soon, and then post it for your comment.