To be honest, this is my first blog. Previously I maintained a static website for student teachers, but I was unsatisfied with how little it connected and interacted with aspiring teachers. It is my hope with this format teachers will better support each other, ask questions, seek advice, reflect on successes and failures, give encouragement, share funny stories, and, overall, create an unique community to help student teachers transition into effective teachers in their own classrooms.

Before launching this website I had some distinct changes that I wanted to implement.  First, I wanted to create a place where preservice teachers could go to seek advice.  I remember from my own experience how difficult it can be to get advice.  In particular I remember one of my friends was having trouble with his cooperating teacher (CT).  My friend tried to resolve the issues with his CT, but it didn’t work.  He was afraid to approach his university supervisor because he felt that would reflect in his student teacher evaluation.  His issues went unresolved and he received a poor recommendation from his CT.  This is a situation that could have been addressed here. 

Within the next few weeks I will be bringing on a panel of contributors with varied perspectives:

  • Master teachers
  • Beginning teachers
  • Administrators
  • University education professors

These individuals will be able to address the concerns or questions (big and small) student and beginning teachers may have.  For example, a teacher may ask an adminstrator what types of questions could one expect in an interview. Or, a teacher may ask what is a great vocabulary strategy for 5th graders. 

Another change I wanted to make was having the content driven, not by me, but by preservice, student, and beginning teachers.  This website is about supporting you, and it should be centered around meeting your needs, your questions, and your concerns.  To make this happen, I created a Join Us page.  This outlines how to be an author on the website, so you can freely blog.

Also, feel free to email me at  I love to hear suggestions, education resource recommendations (e.g. books, links), and constructive feedback on how to improve this website.

Thank you for visiting.